Press Release January 2014

Press Release January 2014



The Westside Timbers, an Adidas Timber Alliance Club, proudly announces  that Westside Timbers – Northbay will become  their newest member.   The  “Adidas Timbers Alliance Club” is a strategic partnership with elite youth clubs designed to build unique working relationships and development opportunities to help channel the top youth players towards the Timbers’ development programs and the Timbers Academy.  

Westside Timbers-Northbay  will be a unique Northern CA club enjoying the benefits on being a Timbers Alliance though their joint cooperation with Westside Timbers. They will continue to share in their  passion and a vision for developing youth players and providing elite opportunities for youth.

The partnership between the Timbers alliance clubs, the Portland Timbers, and adidas is  a great step in developing the next generation of American soccer players.   One of the benefits of being part of the Portland Timbers Alliance, include the ability of  the Major League Soccer club to share coaching resources and curriculum with alliance clubs in the development of both boys and girls youth players.  The opportunity for Club members to be recommended for various the Timber Academy Teams.  On the field, the Westside Timbers –Northbay players  will wear a special adidas Timbers Alliance badge as part of the uniform  and as with each alliance club will wear the same color jerseys in recognition of the partnership with the Timbers.

It’s our goal to provide homegrown athletes with opportunities to play elite soccer," said Antonio Zea, director of soccer for adidas America. "We have put the importance of youth development at a premium and are excited about helping create youth club alliances with local MLS clubs”.

The Westside Timbers- Northbay will commence spring of 2014, with teams competing in the USYSL premier level of play. Leading the Westside-Northbay Timbers will be Westside Timbers Director, Cony Konstin and local Cal North ODP coach & former Briceno Soccer Director of Coach, David Briceno.