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· District III U14 Boys All-Star Team (Fremont, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Dublin, Livermore, Alamo)

· District III U16 Boys All-Star Team (Fremont, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Dublin, Livermore, Alamo)

· Ohlone Junior College 82’ and 84’ (Fremont CA)

oSelected to the ‘All NorCal Junior College’ Team 1984

oState Semi Finalist 84’

· Recruited by Stanford University after try-out (3.0 GPU not high enough for entry)

· Scholarship offer to Cal State San Jose State CA


· Arsenal Gunners (London UK) Apprentice Squad – 3 months training 1981 age 16-17

· Attended Tottenham Hotspurs (London UK) Professional 1stTeam trainings (12 sessions viewed) 1981.

· Latin League San Jose CA. started at 15 years old. Newark Portuguese and Trabia.  Won the First Division League and Diamond Cup Champion 1986 (Northern CA.)


· I believe I posses the experience and knowledge to coach young players the skills necessary to play at a high level.  I am focused on mastery of the soccer ball, high volume of soccer ball touches, game like scenario training sessions, training the assures players operate in a fast/quick thinking and playing process.  And as much as possible creating a positive, challenging and fun environment.


· 2015-2015 (1.5 yrs.) Assistance coach to the Director/Owner Brazilian Soccer School, Santa Cruz CA. 

· Mentored by:

oWanger Ferreira -‘A licensed’ former Brazilian 1stDivision player and head coach.

o1992-1993 Head coach A.A. Ponte Preta Brazilian 1stDivision 


· I strongly believe in monthly official updates to the players and the parents.  There has to be a clear set of defined goals and expectation(s) for the players.