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Working Experience

Seventeen years of physical training with emphasis in the soccer field in the areas of strength and player technique.  


  • Force North Coach 07 and 05
  • Coach clinic South San Francisco 
  • Academy Juventus U18, U16 physical Trainer
  • Head coach U12 Academy Juventus
  • Head coach U19 Club Juventus

From 1996 to 2004:

  • Worked for Ernesto Ducchini Soccer Academy, two years in the minor leagues (River Plate Club)
  • Designed and implemented a high performance complementary training plan for Club River Plate (in Buenos Aires Argentina), based upon strength and power after evaluating maximum VO2, strength, flexibility, coordination and anthropometrics; designed plan for each player, taking into account factors needing improvement based on test results,.
  • Designed routines for muscle-building in the gym in order to recover strength and power. On the field, we worked with a previous planning coordinated with the gym to improve maximum VO2, coordination, power and flexibility.

From 2004 to 2013:

  • Worked as physical trainer in third and fourth soccer leagues in Argentina in clubs like Independiente, Grupo Universitario, Santamarina (Tandil), Alvarado (Mar del Plata). The last ones belonging to third division (Argentino A). Pre-seasons, pre-game meetings and travel organization were planned.
  • Trainer at Ducchini Academy, an institution which sponsors second and third league soccer players who then sign up with first league divisions in Argentine

Soccer. (

  • Trainer at River Plate Club minor leagues. (
  • Physical trainer at second and third Argentine Soccer leagues.
  • Physical trainer of the Argentine Roller Skate team.
  • Physical trainer of car racing drivers (Brian Smith) (
  • Demetrio Lamtzev (
  • Manager and Personal trainer in Fitness Center Sportgym in Argentina for 14 years
  • Planning, improvement and high performance training control according to specific areas.
  • Physical and anthropomorphic evaluation for a scientific training development.
  • Operations Management, dealing with professors, coordination of activities.
  • Management of customers, developing strategies.
  • Coordination of activities, organization and planning of soccer coaching, competition travels.
  • Worked on physical condition for Kimberley team (Mar del Plata);

      From 2014-2016

  • SMC Star Soccer Club. U12 02B Premier Coach, U04/U05 Coach Assistant
  • Los cobras  U13 Coach Brisbane
  • Force North Soccer Club Coach 07 B and 05 B

Other experience:

Car racing:

  • Worked on physical condition to help Brian Smith when he was racing in Latin American Formula 3, a previous step to British Formula 3. A specific planning was made, in order to improve strength and power for him to be able to finish races in best possible conditions. Different evaluations regarding strength, coordination, reaction, maximum VO2 and flexibility were made. After all this, training planning was fulfilled. From 2009 to 2012,
  • Worked on physical condition to help Demetrio Lamtzev, a Dakar rally racer. The training, in this case, was carried out to improve strength and resistance, as this type of special competition requires these specific virtues

Roller Skating competition:

  • 2004: worked on physical condition for Kimberley team (Mar del Plata, Argentina) From 2005 to 2007 Worked with the Roller Skating national team. In 2005 for the Pan American Games 80% of the training consisted of strength conditioning. I started with an adaptation process improving skills, resistance and power, varying the speed running, exercising on strength, power and transference work, resistance, strength, muscle-resistance together with transference activities.


  • National Physical Education Professor – studies at Dr. José Ingenieros Institute, Obras Sanitarias Club. (
  •  Third year at Computer Systems Engineering Career - School of Applied Sciences - Universidad Nacional del Centro - Buenos Aires Province - Argentina (
  • High School graduate at Colegio Normal Superior – Tandil - Argentina –

Post-Graduate Courses

  •  Multidisciplinary Course on High Performance Sports Medicine - 1998 Dr. Cosme Argerich Central Hospital (
  •  Footballer Physical Training – Official course - AFA (Argentine Football

            Association) - 1997 - Dr. Dalmacio Vélez Sarsfield Institute led by Prof. Alfredo    Weber.

  •  Footballer Training in Practice and Skills and Soccer coach role. Official course -  AFA (Argentine Football Association) - 1997 - Dr. Dalmacio Vélez Sarsfield Institute led by Prof. Gabriel Macaya.
  •  Football Sports Medicine. Official course AFA (Argentine Football Association) - 1997 - Dr. Dalmacio Vélez Sarsfield Institute led by Prof. and kinesthesiologist Carlos Leoni.

 United States Certifications

  • NSCAA education, Level 6.
  • NSCAA – NFHS Fundamentals of Caoching Soccer
  • USS Licence D
  • USS  Licence E
  • USS   Licence F
  • Healthcare Provider CPR
  • Nesta Personal Trainer
  • Blingual ENG / SP