In spring of 2014,

In spring of 2014, the Westside Timbers North Bay became the unique Northern CA branch of Westside Timbers, joining other Portland Timbers Alliance Members. The Westside Timbers Northbay shares the Alliance’s passion and a vision for developing youth players and providing them elite opportunities where they flourish as players and individuals both on and off the field.


We feel passionately about providing opportunities for kids to excel in this sport, and we welcome your support to help us to achieve our mission of providing all youth in our community with the opportunity to play soccer.  We offer elite level opportunities for our players but we are also a development-focused youth program.   Through our program, youth are improving their soccer skills while also learning the important values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play.  Our goal is to advance the players' athletic skills and to help them build important lifelong skills such as discipline, strategic thinking, goal setting, and leadership.  Soccer is a wonderful way to engage kids in productive play.

We currently have approximately 100 competitive players and 100 academy players participating in our league.  Your contribution would greatly benefit these families.  We appreciate your consideration and look forward to seeing this league thrive with your support.

Attached you will find a contribution card listing the different levels of sponsorships that are available.  All contributions are tax deductible, and our tax ID number will be provided on your Thank You Receipt Letter.  Should you have any questions or need additional information about North Bay, please don't hesitate to contact us.

For  tax  reporting  purpose  all  checks  must  be  made  out  to:

North Bay Youth Soccer League  Post  Office  Box  5323  Petaluma  Ca.  94955


Respectfully Yours, 


David Briceno

Director of Coach