2018/19 "Projected" Costs

These are "Projected" Costs ONLY.   Final costs TBD post tryouts.   



The season begins in June 2018 and is played year-round until May 2019. This includes training, league games, scrimmages and tournaments.


Most tournaments are played Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The locations of these tournaments cover the Bay Area, Sacramento, and throughout Northern California and very occasionally outside of CA.  All costs associated with games and tournaments are shared equally by all parents.

The list of leagues and tournaments to be played will be discussed with parents at the first team meeting and will be chosen by DOC and head coach based on team level and annual player development plan.   Teams traveling outside of Northern CA will need DOC approval. 


Registration: $400 Registration Fee due within 48 hours of team invitation. In addition:

  • Players ages 2012 – 2005 will pay $125 per month from July 2018 to May 2019  (11 months). 
  • Players playing high school soccer (age 2004 – 2000)  will pay $132 per month from July 2018 to May 2019, except December, January & February (8 months).
  • Club fees are used for fields, insurance, affiliation fees, equipment, coaches and administrative fees.


  • Registration Payment: Automatic Clearing House (ACH), money order, or cashier's check or cc.   Cash payments for registration only allowed at walk in registration.  
  • Monthly Fees: (ACH only or CC on file)   If paying in cash, it must be for the entire year and only at walk in registration.