2018 WNB Timbers Policy: Forming Teams

In response to the 2016 mandates being implemented, Northbay Youth Soccer Soccer League and WNB Timbers has to adapt and create policies regarding the formation of its teams.  WNB Timbers DOCs and Coaching staff reserve all rights to forming teams based off of our main principle of player development.  


All current and/or potential WNB Timbers athletes are considered as individuals prior to an invitation being sent for a team.  Discussions about team formations from individuals other than WNB Timbers DOCs or coaches do not hold any merit and, if you are a current member, doing so with the purpose of influencing the formation of any particular team can put you in violation of WNB Timbers membership agreement, which is subject to disciplinary action.


Team Formation Policy


The formation of teams within WNB Timbers occurs through an open tryout process where players will be selected based off of what is best for their development as an individual soccer player.  When a player is deemed eligible for a particular team being formed, an invitation will be sent to that player and his/her family to be a part of WNB Timbers Soccer Club.  At this point, the family can decide whether or not to accept their invitation to participate in WNB Timbers.


All teams will now be formed as calendar year teams in order to follow the new mandate. This means if a player is born in 2005, they will compete with other players born in the same year.


Some players, depending on their skill level, can be invited to play up a calendar year to play for an older team.  See “Playing Up” Policy below.

Independent evaluators will assist DOC and coaching staff in helping evaluate player’s abilities throughout the trial sessions.  Again, DOC and coaching staff reserve the final authority in determining which teams players will receive an invitation for.

Playing Up Policy


In the interest of player development, an athlete can be invited to play up on an older calendar year team.


Not all cases are the same and several factors are weighed when coaches and DOC staff discuss the possibility of an athlete playing up.

Coaches of each team and DOC staff have final authority on the decision for an athlete to be invited to train and play up. 


Other variations of “playing up” can apply – for instance, training w/ an older team once per week and still playing at calendar year on the weekends is an option.


Families of a player invited to play for an older age do have the final say as to whether they want to accept that invitation to play up or stay at their child’s birth year.


Playing up is seen as a privilege by WNB Timbers coaches and DOC staff, and the evaluation process is ongoing throughout the year. 


If a player is not developing at the same rate as when they were invited to play up, we could ask the athlete to train and play with their same age group again. 

Also, if a player is developing at a faster rate than when previously evaluated, that player can be invited to train with an older age group at any time throughout the year.