General Tryout FAQ'S

What to Expect


During each Northbay Timbers tryout session players will demonstrate their individual and team skills, knowledge, energy and attitude in activities such as drills and/or full-sided scrimmages before an evaluation team.  We hold tryouts to assemble compatible teammates at appropriate levels and give players that have worked hard to improve a chance to show their progress against stronger competition. There is no reason for your child to sweat these tryouts! In order to be rated and placed on a team, all players must attend at least one tryout date for their age group. Northbay Timbers strives to place all players who attend a tryout on a team but placement can't be guaranteed.  After the tryouts, the coaches for each age group review all the coach's evaluations and tryout scores. From these results, the teams are formed.

  • Team formation will be based on Northbay Timbers staff evaluations.
  • Coaches will be selected for each newly formed team.
  • Any players who register late after the tryouts have concluded will be subject to a skills evaluation and placed accordingly based on team availability
  • Commitment thru practice & game attendance will be considered as part of the evaluation process.
  • Participation on a prior year’s team does not guarantee a position on this year's team.

Players should:

  • Wear appropriate soccer gear; cleats, shin guards, shorts and a white t-shirt and bring water and a ball.
  • Arrive early, at least 30 min. prior to scheduled tryout time.  Parking is limited at some locations and some age groups may have a lot of players.

Players should not:

  • Wear current team, or club, clothing or uniforms during the tryouts. They may be asked to remove such items during the tryouts.
  • Pets.  Please do not bring your dog (or animals) to tryouts.   They are not allowed on the turf fields. Northbay Timbers rents/leases our fields from other organizations and new City and County rules/fines could lead to an unpleasant and expensive day.  
  • Please do not bring any food or drinks other than water onto the turf fields.

Tryouts - FAQ

 Do I need to pre-register?  

YES!  Register at or call 415-686-7282.  Walk in registration is also available.

Is there cost for tryouts? 

$20.00 / one time fee for new players

Do I Need To Attend? 

Yes! No one will be placed on team that does not come to tryouts or has made prior arrangements with us.  Tryouts are key to balancing teams. The more balanced teams are, the more fun for everyone. The tryout scrimmages give every child a chance to shine playing next to their peers. Please attend! 


What is Competitive Soccer?

The term “Division 1 or Division 3” usually refers to a system where players go to tryouts, are evaluated, and then compete to be on teams. The terms “Competitive Soccer” are also used to refer to more advanced soccer (as opposed to recreational soccer).

Competitive soccer generally costs more for families than Recreational Soccer, as the teams have paid coaches coaching them 3-4 days a week.  Recreational teams have volunteer coaches and little to no goalkeeping training and no strength or agility training. Competitive soccer requires more time commitment from families because of the number of practices, length of the season, and tournament play.

Why should a parent or player consider Competitive Soccer?

All decisions about competitive soccer should be focused on what the players wants and what is best for the player. If a player wants to play at a higher level, to be more challenged, to play with equally talented players, or would benefit from more experienced and stronger coaching, then competitive soccer is the right place.

What is the soccer time commitment?

Timbers teams generally practice three times a week for a 1 ½ each practice, with a game or two on the weekends during league season. The difference from Recreational teams is that Timbers teams train between seasons or during the time after tryouts and before the start of a season. That means players might be training for 10 - 12 months of the year honing their skills to compete at the highest level.

How much traveling will my child and I have to do?

Half of all games will be home.   But travel to away games will vary, depending on which Region the team plays in.   Travel for tournaments will depend on the team.  Some teams may want to participate in more tournaments than other teams.  We choose tournaments that are best suited for each team. 

Why Do The Same Children Play Together Year After Year? 

While few players increase dramatically in their skills and participation, most tend to develop continuously as highly, moderately, or less-skilled players. Although not our goal, it's not unusual - for a core of players to stay together for years on a team because of their similar abilities.