Is WNB Timbers the club for me?

Is WNB Timbers the Club for you?

WNB Timbers Club is looking for committed players seeking to improve their skills and knowledge of the game.   We expect that kids can train 3 - 4 days a week almost year round.

At our practices we offer: 

  • Structured, well-managed place for kids to play and achieve their goals (playing soccer in middle school,  high school,  college soccer, or beyond).
  • Player and skill development
  • High level of play and competition
  • Experienced, licensed coaches and trainers


Practice Information and Locations

Our teams currently are training and playing games at Marion Park, McInnis Park, Marin Waldorf, MIller Creek, San Marin HS, Novato HS, & Petaluma Turf Fields.   Much thought is put into the majority residence of the players on a team.   

2012 - 2005 Teams

We expect that our 2012 -2005 teams train 3-4 days almost year round.   These teams primarily train in Marin County, Novato and San Rafael, but will occasionally train in Petaluma.   

Although we support participation in other sports and put school first we are ONLY looking for players committed to training 3 - 4 days a week.  (Injury and random school commitments aside) 


2004 and older Teams 

We are looking for players committed to training 3 - 4 days a week.  If you cannot commit to 3 - 4 trainings a week, this may not be the club for you. (Injury and high school commitments aside)     Our current teams in this age group are primarily training at McInnis in San Rafael and on the Petaluma turf fields at 7:00pm.     

High School Season

For teams affected by High School Season we break from December - Mid March or when HS season ends. 


Where do our teams play league and tournaments?


Our teams do travel.   Most of the travel is within the North Bay but our older teams at times leave our region and travel out of state.   

Several of the tournaments are local and do not require overnight stays. Teams make every effort to find discounted and affordable lodging accommodations when overnight stays are required. Players and family members alike will tell you that traveling with the team is fun, and lasting friendships are made. For age divisions 2012-2007 travel is very limited, as nearly 100% of the games are played in the North Bay.   At age 2006 and older, teams begin to travel more to find better competition and more exposure as they prepare for the Cal North State Championships (2006 and older) and Regionals (2006 and older).

2012 – 2008 teams play in CCSL Prep which is run out of San Francisco.   ½ the games will be at our home field and the other half in SF.  

2008 - 2000 gold level teams will play CCSL Coast which means ½ the games will be at home and the other ½ at various locations throughout the North Bay.  

2007 and older teams will either play CCSL or California Regional League (CRL)

It is our hope that all our 2007 and older teams will play CRL.    ½ our games will still be at home and the other ½ at various locations throughout the North Bay .   This league includes occasional competition in Southern CA.


“The California Regional League is a division of the US Youth Soccer Far West Regional League, which consists of the fourteen (14) western state associations.   There are significant benefits for Cal North teams playing in California Regional League. They will face top competition, playing the best clubs and teams within each age group in the state of California. With state-based play, there is less travel and lower costs to the players and parents.   League play will be in  Northern California with one showcase event in Northern California and one showcase in Southern California. Teams in the California Regional League are playing for placement in the US Youth Soccer Far West Regional Championships and qualification to the US Youth Soccer National League. The league play and showcases will mean greater exposure to U.S. Soccer National Team staff, top college coaches, & Region IV ODP staff.

+ scouts at the two annual showcase events.”


Playing time - is it equal?

Soccer is competitive. Coaches try to provide ample game time for all players; however it is not always equal depending upon the game situation. Training is focused on each and every player and their development.

We do, however, realize that in order to learn the game players must play the game. Our coaching guidelines recognize that 2012- 2006  is the foundation stage of player development. Playing time may not always be balanced in every game. However, the staff coach strives to distribute playing time so all players have an optimum opportunity to develop. At this stage players who are in good standing with the team should have an opportunity to play in every game. It is our aim for our younger players to build a love for the game and this can only be done by playing.

2005 and olders the game becomes more competitive and is the commitment stage where players generally commit to the sport. In this stage playing time will vary from player to player and in general the player who attends practice, works harder, and exhibits a higher level of skill and fitness will play more.

At WNB Timbers playing time is at the discretion of the staff coach and players "earn" it through their work ethic and skill in practice and games. Just as playing time can be earned it can also be lost. The following are examples of situations that will result in a loss of playing time.

• not being in good standing with the club (fees not paid, etc)

• being late to or absent from practices and games
• being disruptive during the coaching process
• being disrespectful to coaches or other players